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Abundance in Private Practice

Abundance in Private Practice


We are educated at college or university in how to be allied health practitioners, and then the wisdom of practice sees us develop and refine our specialties.  But for most of us, this does not provide much insight into how to run a private practice.  How to run a business, how to brand or market ourselves, how to put a value on our expertise. 


Following more than 20 years in human services, and over 15 years in private practice, Carrina Hampton has learned a thing or two…  and now she is here to share her wisdom with you.  From partnering for profit, to multi-million-dollar contracts, to a client base that is her own unofficial marketing team, Carrina knows how to keep her calendar full, whilst enjoying a prosperous practice and personal life.


These programs are for qualified and experienced allied and holistic health practitioners, including social workers, psychologists, occupational therapists, speech pathologists, physiotherapists, dietitians, podiatrists, counsellors, creative therapists, psychotherapists, massage therapists and more.


Our two ‘Abundance in Private Practice’ programs are designed to help you launch your private practice, and then grow it to the capacity you choose. 


Book a 30-minute consult with Carrina to see if one, or both, of these programs are right for you. Just click the image below.



6 week intensive program aimed at practitioner’s who are ready to venture into private practice for themselves.

Getting started in Private Practice

  • Is Private Practice for you?
  • How do you transition from paid employment to self-employment?
  • Understanding your qualifications and capacities
  • Pricing and expectations
  • Safety, Self-Care and Boundaries

Business and Brand Building

  • Branding, Networking and Referrals
  • Diversifying practice to build business

Business Management

  • Bookkeeping, accounting, auditing.
  • Marketing 
  • Insurance
  • Record Keeping

Live or self paced to suit your schedule.Begins 10 May 2023
$127 per week
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12-month practice building program for practitioners ready to grow their business, referrals, and brand.  This is for practitioners who don’t just want to replace their wage earnings, but who want to double them, and more.  For practitioners who want to build a good foundation of business practice, to ensure longevity and security.  Perhaps even for practitioners who want their job to work for them, not the other way around, giving them the flexibility to enjoy life with a little more freedom.

This program expands over 12 months and includes:

  • 52 practice development modules
  • Podcasts, videos, and live interviews with industry leaders
  • Resources, readings, and videos to enhance your learning
  • Collaborative partnerships in our abundance team
  • 2 x individual practice strategy meetings with Carrina Hampton*
  • Promotional and referral opportunities within the community
  • Partnership opportunities to build your practice
  • Membership of the ongoing Abundance in Private Practice Community, and more.

Modules Include:  Branding; Short and long-term planning for prosperity; Team building; Collaborative partnerships; Marketing (digital and non-digital); Practice processes; Business management; Making money in various ways; Professionalism and accountability.


Live or self paced to suit your schedule.

Begins 19 July 2023
$97 per week – $127 per week**
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**Optional upgrade to 10 x 1-1 Strategy Sessions with Carrina Hampton throughout the year.

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